Everyone has their Everest.
We help you climb yours.

Founded on the belief that there is no separation between creating a better self and a better world, Everest exists to unlock human potential. Whether people dream to run a marathon, travel the world, learn how to DJ, or read more nonfiction, Everest helps them keep taking the next step.

  • Victor Mathieux
    Chief Product Officer
  • Francis Pedraza
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Katherine Krug
    Chief Operations Officer
  • Michael Bina
    Lead Web Engineer
  • Roderic Campbell
    Senior iOS Engineer
  • Chris Cornelis
    Senior iOS Engineer
  • Julian Bialowas
    Community Manager
  • Drew Moxon
    Product Manager


  • Peter Diamandis
    Founder of the X Prize Foundation and Singularity University, Author of Abundance
  • Andy Mutz
    PhD, CTO ScanR Inc and BeyondCore, Founder of Codesta, Software Engineer at HP & Kodak
  • Dave Blakely
    Director of Technology Strategy, IDEO
  • Tina Seelig
    Executive Director of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program
  • Jane McGonigal
    PhD, World-renowned gamification expert, TED Speaker, Author of “Reality is Broken,” CD of Social Chocolate, Superbetter
  • Kristina Pifer
    Highly sought-after product and UX expert with 15 years agency experience. Founder Hunybe
  • Yves Behar
    Founder of fuseprojects, CCO of Jawbone, Chief Industrial Designer of One Laptop per Child
  • Whitney Johnson
    Author “Dare, Dream, Do,” HBR Columnist, President of Clayton Christensen’s investment firm, TED Speaker


  • Peter Thiel
  • Scott Belsky
  • Alex Osterwalder
  • Bruno Bowden
  • Brian Oliver
  • Zac Zaitlin
  • Tabreez Verjee
  • Don Kendall
  • Joshua Spear
  • Khalid Itum
  • Robert Maylack
  • Bill Hessert
  • Eric Kroll
  • Dave Kashen